This association called the Japanese Business Association of Cambodia (JBAC) is managed for the following purposes.

  • To render services to society by contributing to the development of commerce and industry, and the economy in general of Japan and the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • At the same time, to continuously enhance the value of JBAC by fully considering its social significance and being aware of how JBAC is connected to the environment, and by developing activities in good faith.
  • To promote mutual exchange and friendship among the members.
  • To provide opportunities for information exchange to expand industrial and commercial activities by the members.
  • To engage in social contribution activities such as donations.
  • To conduct any and all businesses incidental to or relating to each of the foregoing items.
  • JBAC is not established for profit-making purposes. It does not engage in any business to seek interest for any specific individual or other organizations.
  • JBAC does not engage in any political or religious activities whatsoever.