The Japanese Business Association of Cambodia entered its 26th year this year after marking a 25-year milestone since its foundation in 1992. Although only around 10 companies were registered as members at the time of foundation, the number grew to 35 companies in 2005 and reached exactly 100 companies including associate members at the end of 2010. This number has surged these past six years to 242 companies as of the end of March 2017. This growth closely reflects the path that Cambodia has taken from the peace process to reconstruction, followed by economic growth.

In Cambodia, political trends and social conditions are changing in light of communal elections held on June 4, 2017, and the general elections due to be held in July 2018. The labor market has also seen changes these past few years due to a sharp increase in wages and improvement in people’s living standards. Moreover, Cambodia’s industries will be up against tougher international competition due to economic and industrial growths and changing international affairs. For Cambodia, this fiscal year will be a year to embrace these changes in various fields and face the challenges that await in the next stage. Against this backdrop, JBAC will also be put to the test on how it will face and respond to this situation this year.

As the number of members continues to increase, in order for JBAC to also “face the challenges in the next stage” and evolve, we will closely share useful information by communicating timely information using Facebook and other means and creating opportunities to further enhance communication. We will also address various issues faced by companies entering the market and steadily carry out concrete measures to improve the investment and business environments with an aim to promote new growth and expansion.

JBAC will also strive to contribute to the industry and society of Cambodia, which is where the members’ business activities take place, and comprehensibly present our activities to parties concerned.
Through cooperation with the Japanese Embassy, with which we have worked together since our foundation, other Japanese governmental agencies, the JETRO Phnom Penh Office, and Cambodian governmental agencies such as our counterpart Council for the Development of Cambodia, and through solidarity with the society of Japanese people in Cambodia and the Cambodian society, we will engage in activities to enable our members to smoothly expand business activities, and thereby contribute to the prosperity of both Cambodia and Japan and build stronger bilateral ties. We appreciate the continued generous support of the member companies and their active participation in our endeavors.

Junichi Kikuchi, Chairman of Japanese Business Association of Cambodia for FY2017