Become a Member

If you would like to become a member of JBAC, please submit the relevant documents listed below to the JBAC Secretariat.

  • 1. Japanese Business Association of Cambodia Membership Application Form
  • 2. Two Letters of Recommendation: One from the chairman of the Group that you wish to join (Manufacturing Group, Construction and Real Estate Group, Trade Group, Transportation Group, Finance and Insurance Group, Commerce Group, or Services Group), and one from a regular member other than the chairman or vice chairman
  • 3. If the company applying for membership is a Japanese company, a document confirming that it is a Japanese-owned company (a copy of the Certificate of Full Registry Records of the head office in Japan).
    In case of a non-Japanese company, and the parent company other than the local subsidiary in Cambodia is based in a foreign country, a document verifying the parent company’s registration as a judicial entity.
    In addition to the above, a copy of the section showing capital ties in the articles of incorporation of the company in Cambodia.
  • 4. A document providing an outline of the company applying for membership, such as a company overview and history, a company brochure, a copy of the website, etc.
  • 5. A copy of the registration document with the Cambodian government for registration of branch, branch office, representative office, construction work office, local subsidiary, etc. (a copy of the document and patent issued by the Ministry of Commerce)
  • 6. A copy of the passport of the registered representative
  • 7. Any other document deemed necessary by JBAC
  • After submitting the above documents, you will be informed of your acceptance/non-acceptance through a prescribed procedure at JBAC.
    Upon acceptance, please pay the registration fee and annual membership fee as follows (applicable from Apr. 1, 2016).

    Registration fee: $200 for both regular and associate members, to be paid at the time of membership registration.
    Annual membership fee: The fee for regular members is based on $400 as one share, and each regular member is required to pay one share.
    However, if a regular member or its parent company (corporation holding 51% or more of the total number of issued shares) or the ultimate parent company of the parent company is a listed company it must pay two shares, three shares if it is a company with a capital of 10 billion yen or more, and four shares if it is a company with a capital of 100 billion yen or more. If two or more regular members are affiliated with the same parent company (including the ultimate parent company of the parent company), one regular member may pay the fee according to the above standard, and the other regular member(s) one share.
    The annual membership fee for associate members is $350.
    The annual membership fee shall be paid at the beginning of each fiscal year (If joining in the middle of a fiscal year, on the day of registration). However, if a company joins on or after October 1, the full registration fee and half of the annual membership fee shall be paid. If a company changes its status from an associate member to a regular member in the middle of a fiscal year, the difference between the annual membership fees of a regular and associate member shall be paid when the change is made.