Established in 1992, the Japanese Business Association of Cambodia (JBAC) is currently comprised of a total of 247 companies and three organizations, including 185 companies as regular members, 62 companies as associate members, and three organizations as special members. Its activities aim to promote the expansion of commercial and industrial activities of Japanese companies in Cambodia and to contribute to bilateral economic activities.

After going through a peace process, Cambodia held a general election and enacted a new constitution in 1993 and underwent a reconstruction phase, and the country entered a growth period from the 2000s. Garment, agriculture, tourism, real estate and construction are the main industries in Cambodia, and China is by far the country’s leading source of direct investment by foreign countries.

With an increasing number of Japanese companies entering the market since 2010, exports by these Japanese manufacturers have also risen, contributing to the economic development of Cambodia. Meanwhile, the country’s economic status was raised from a low-income to a lower middle-income country, and as the lives of the people of Cambodia improve, Japanese companies have entered the market to meet the domestic demand in real estate, life-style related consumption and service sectors. The number of JBAC members has continued to increase by reflecting this trend.

In line with this growth, JBAC was registered as an association of commerce and industry with the Ministry of Commerce in 2011, followed by a shift from a membership organization to a group system by type of industry in 2012. A committee system was introduced in 2015 to address individual issues, and JBAC continues to ensure smoother and innovative organizational activities.